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Registrations are now officially open Anatomy& Beyond 3 & 4 October 2024



Reserve your spot for the 30th AEIMS conference at King’s Gordon Museum of Pathology is the largest medical museum in the UK and contains some rare and unique artefacts including Lister’s antiseptic spray and the original specimens of kidneys, adrenal glands and lymph nodes which led Richard Bright, Thomas Addison and Thomas Hodgkin to describe the medical conditions that bear their names.

The Museum’s primary function has always been to help train medical, dental and biomedical students and professionals to diagnose disease and as such it provides a range of services and functions to The School of Medicine and to medical professionals. The Museum supports the studies of over 9,500 current healthcare students.

Housed in the Museum are also a number of important historic collections. The Joseph Towne anatomical and dermatological wax models, the Lam Qua pre-operative tumour paintings and the specimen and artefact collections of Hodgkin, Thomas Addison, Bright and Astley Cooper. All of these are on permanent display throughout the Gordon Museum.

as part of Anatomy & Beyond II Collaborative MAA/AEIMS/ARSIC Symposium

MAA 73rd Annual Conference, 4th October 2024

The Lumley Library, Royal College of Surgeons of England,

38 – 43 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3PE.

The careful redevelopment of the Lincoln’s Inn Fields building, retains the historic frontage and character of Sir Charles Barry’s design, architect of the Palace of Westminster, whilst incorporating high-tech and environmentally sustainable construction, delivering flexible teaching spaces, examination rooms, function rooms, a cafe and a large glazed central atrium.

The complex work included the refurbishment of the building’s existing 200-year-old Lumley library, where we will hold our conference

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