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The Concept

We are entering an era of dramatic change in the nature of our being, and our relationship with our planet, defined by an ecological-crisis, a pandemic disaster and an economic-collapse. These triple concerns are worthy of significant contemplation.

The imagined future of humanity often centres on the adaption of the body, to somehow exceed or escape our current situation. In this context boundaries of the body no longer appear as being exclusively corporeal, and what is inside the skin is not quite the same as we had previously thought. Our sense of being, our sense of self is being transformed.

The aim of the conference and exhibition;          ANATOMY & BEYOND is to explore new ways in which we envisage the role of art and anatomy, reimagining humanity on earth and beyond: in the here and now, and in possible, post-terrestrial futures.

Humankind is forced to rethink the porous limitations of our organic earthbound bodies and the role to be played by advancements and revolutionary technological physical enhancements to our bodies that are occurring with ever gathering speed as we venture into new arenas and space. These enhancements ie; increasingly complex mechanical and electronic implants, genetic manipulations used for both extending and enhancing life, have transformed and will further change the future of the hitherto “organic carbon man”. We must consider the philosophical, ethical, and social implications of this quest, and whether the human condition is equipped, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, to deal with future space travel: including the possibility of encountering alien life forms and enduring long periods of isolation in hostile environments, and indeed the very real need to confront our own hubris. We must assimilate the reality that even  on our “home” planet our sense of security can be threatened in the extreme by a microscopic enemy not even alive, such as a virus, in this case  Covid-19. 

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