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Welcome to
Anatomy & Beyond  II


Anatomy & Beyond is a leading conference that aims to explore and understand the ever-evolving nature of our body, mind and the world around us. Starting from the ground-breaking works of Galen and Vesalius, we delve into the scientific and philosophical understanding of our corporality, consciousness humanity and trans humanity. Our conference brings together experts from around the world to explore past, present and future ideas. Be a part of this creative discourse and join us in shaping our understanding of life and death and the nature of reality.

The Concept


ARSIC Art Researches Science International Collaborations is dedicated to exploring the nexus between art, research, and science. Our conferences are designed to create stimulating and thought-provoking dialogue around the most pressing issues facing humankind today its an opportunity to bring together creatives , academics and innovators from all walks of life to tackle the most pressing topics facing humankind. We believe that it’s time for us to rethink what it means to be human, and what role advancements in AI and cutting edge technology can play as we venture into new territories and even space. Join us as we explore the philosophical, ethical, and social implications of this quest, and ask ourselves whether the human condition can evolve in new and exciting ways. We are excited to host our upcoming conference, where we will delve into the history and future of medicine. From the alchemists of ancient times to modern breakthroughs, and even exploring the impact of transhumanism and AI on the future of humanity. Our conference promises to engage and enlighten participants. This is an opportunity to join experts from around the world as we explore this fascinating and rapidly changing field.

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