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This diagram shows key differences between men and women in cardiovascular, immunologic, sensorimotor, musculoskeletal, and behavioral adaptations to human spaceflight. Image Credit: NASA/NSBRI

Topics :

Science; Astrophysics, Anatomy in space and how this affects the body,( medical and psychological problems ) Defining boundaries, History of space travel, Alien anatomy

Technology ; Spaceships, Robotics, SciBorgs, AI, Androids, Quantum computers , Philosophy ; The nature of reality, Parallel universes Quantum physics etc…

Art ; Science fiction, contemporary artists view on our organic anatomical species in the future , etc..

Death: burial of the future , human disposal of the future

Sex : The future of sex

History the history of the future or the future through history

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26-27/08 2020- Pauls Stradins Museum for History of Medicine Antonijas-1, Riga

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